Aksel Torsnes Mehlum

Born and raised in Oslo, I have been an Oslo Guide since 2010 – and I enjoy it immensely. Telling and showing how the city and the nation have developed through history is the most fun I can have!

Oslo (Engelsk)
1970-01-0100:00 Hilde Normark

Location: Oslo

Region: Oslo

Email:  aksel@mehlum.info

Mobile: +47 93 03 46 91

Born: 1976

Languages: Norwegian, English


My formal background is a bachelor's degree in linguistics and English and a master's degree in Norwegian/Nordic language history. I was certified as an Oslo Guide in 2010 and have been a guide and a guide educator since then.

I have worked in the education sector for several years, but since 2016 my main job has been as a senior adviser in the Language Council of Norway. Music is also important to me – I play the tuba and the ukulele in different bands and also sing in a choir. My main interests when it comes to guiding are probably history and politics/society, but I'm always happy to include fields such as language, education or music.

I have significant experience in museum tours, city/park walks and traditional bus guiding, and it's always fun to meet new people – from individuals to large groups – who are curious about my city.