Berit Westergren

Hi, I am from Kristiansand and am well acquainted with the sights of the southern part of the country. I am proud of my city and love to tell both small and big stories. I like questions and hope you have some.

Kristiansand (English, german)
2020-04-2408:10 Hilde Normark

Location: Kristiansand

Region: Agder

Email: berit223@online.no

Mobile: +47 90660831

Born: 1961

Languages: Norwegian, English, German

Hi, I have guided for several years. The tours usually last from 1 to 6 hours. We can hike in the city, in the woods and in the fields, or we use a bus / minibus where we travel to the most amazing places. We tell you about sights, history and other nice things to know. If there is a theme, we will of course investigate extra about the desired topic and adapt the trip to what the company or group wants. We make sure the trip is enjoyable and entertaining and you can expect a joke when it suits you.