Ina Andersen

My eastern background has given me a passion for conveying how the Viking era and the Hanseatic heritage of Bergen connect with my own roots, and I enjoy issues of Norwegian culture and development.

Bergen (Russian)
2019-07-2315:24 Hilde Normark

Location: Bergen 

Region: Hordaland 


Mobile: +4791777256

Born: 1976

Languages: Russian (authorized), English

I was authorized as a Russian guide in Bergen by NGF in 2017, and outside the tourist season I work as a teacher for Russian speaking children of various ages at a private school. I have background as a lawyer in Moldova and in business English from Moscow, and worked for 13 years as an English teacher at a lyceum in Moldova before I moved to Norway. My foreign education is approved by NOKUT, and my background, competence and cultural understanding have been useful in order to acquire the skills I need in order to convey a good story to the tourists I guide, and to give them a good experience.